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Paver Services

Thank you for visiting our website. All About Pavers, Inc is all about EXCELLENCE. We enjoy what we do and pleasing our customer is our #1 commitment to you!

About Pavers A.R.I. is a fully licensed contractor with extensive experience in paver installations and outdoor improvement projects. We are the choice of many property owners in the Greater Pensacola area because of our topnotch services. You, too, can experience our premium but affordable services by hiring us today. We are experts in the field of paver design and installation, paver repair and maintenance, waterscaping, and pool deck installation. We also design and build awesome fire amenities for clients who want a more inviting outdoors at night. We only employ well-experienced and certified people to ensure the successful completion of your project. Dial 850-393-9705 now and let us talk about your plans and project requirements.

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If you are looking for a reliable driveway builder, please contact All About Pavers A.R.I. today. Our company will build a custom-designed driveway using your preferred materials. You may also consider our premium pavers, which are specifically made for driveways. Pavers are economical, easy to install, long-lasting and highly recommended for areas with vehicle and foot traffic. By choosing this type of paving material, you are assured of a gorgeous paver driveway that can last for decades. Your driveway will not require frequent repair and expensive maintenance since we strictly follow the industry's standards for driveway construction. We use appropriate equipment, apply top-quality base materials, and meticulously install each paver piece to achieve an extremely tough driveway.

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Pool Decks

Do you want to create a perfect spot in your backyard for rest and relaxation? Our simple solution is to create a paver deck in the pool area. This outdoor improvement idea will not require a huge budget, but you will surely enjoy its wonderful benefits once completed. It is also your chance to enhance the aesthetics appeal of the pool area. A pool deck made from premium pavers will surely boost your pool's aesthetics and functionality. We can adopt a specific theme that will highlight the beauty of your water feature or a contrasting design for a more unique paver pool deck. Hire us today and we will show you why we are the preferred pool deck contractor in the greater Pensacola area.

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You are in the right place if you are looking for a professional patio installer. All About Pavers A.R.I. has an impressive portfolio of patio installation projects in Pensacola and surrounding areas. Our patios are uniquely designed and built using the best materials available. You may like a paver patio, which is a common outdoor feature in residential properties. We can install an open-type patio or build an enclosed patio with complete features and accessories. Your patio will surely become an interesting spot in your backyard if it has beautiful lighting setup, carefully selected outdoor furniture, Hi-Fi entertainment system, and custom-designed fire feature. We can add more features depending on your needs and preferences. Since we are long-time installers of patios, we can easily realize your desired outdoor living space at an affordable cost.

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Paver Repairs

As ICPI certified installers, we are the best people to hire for your paver repair needs. We have in-depth knowledge about pavers so we can easily identify and correct issues on your paved amenities. We know the right solutions for shifting and settling pavers on driveways, patios, walkways, or any paver feature in your property. Other repair jobs that we commonly do for clients include replacing broken pavers and reinstalling leaning edger. We are highly efficient in performing all kinds of repair jobs because of our experienced and well-equipped crews. We may also recommend preventative measures to reduce your maintenance cost. For fast and efficient paver repair service, please call us today.

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Fire Pits

Outdoor activities and family bonding will be more memorable and fun if you have fire features in your backyard. They must be installed in strategic locations for you to fully enjoy their benefits. Our highly recommended and still the most popular among property owners is the fire pit. We can customize this fire feature to suit your needs and design preferences. Aside from the warmth it gives, we can also use it as a focal element in your landscape. All fire pits that we design, and install are made from quality materials. We use only fire-rated bricks, natural stones, and premium grade components and accessories to give our clients highly efficient, durable, and adorable fire pits.

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Water Features

Waterfalls, fountains, koi ponds are great additions to your backyard. But don't let inexperienced contractors do the design and installation of these features. You should only trust a well-experienced water feature builder like us at All About Pavers A.R.I. Water features have vital functions in your backyard, such as creating a relaxing outdoor ambiance and boosting your property's aesthetics. We use boulders, rocks, and carefully selected plantings to create nature-like water amenities in your property. Some of these features are inexpensive to create so installing one or two features in your backyard will not hurt your pocket. Other options that you may consider are bubbling pots and pondless waterfalls. Let us build your dream waterscapes by calling us now.

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