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Water Features

Water Features Pensacola, FL Have you always pictured a waterfall coming down from the corner of your pool? Or maybe a water fountain to decorate the front of your house? Our skilled technicians can construct waterfalls from scratch and mold them the way you want them to look. Water fountains add a great look to your home and you and your family can enjoy having.

The best way to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor space is to add custom-designed water features. Water elements are effective in highlighting specific areas in a landscape and they are also installed to create a more relaxing mood in the outdoors. The therapeutic benefit of water is also the reason why most people love these features. You, too, can enjoy these benefits by adding at least one type of water feature in your backyard. You need professionals like us to design and build your desired water feature. We also do water feature upgrades and renovations.

Highly Recommended Water Features

We can create a more relaxing ambiance in your backyard by just adding a small bubbling pot or a pondless waterfall. If you want grandiose features, we will install larger amenities such as ponds, fountains, and waterfalls. Our recommendations is always based on your current landscape theme, available space, budget, and desired look for the outdoor area. Rest assured that these features will be designed and installed by our experts.

Here are some of our highly recommended water features:

  • Waterfalls. Most Pensacola residents have waterfalls in their homes. This kind of water amenity does not only improve the aesthetics of the outdoors but also offer therapeutic benefits since the sound of flowing water has a calming effect. It makes the waterfall an excellent choice for those who want a perfect spot for unwinding after a tiring day. Here at All About Pavers A.R.I., we create extraordinary waterfalls to ensure you get these benefits. We get inspiration from nature to help us create a nature-like waterfall in your backyard. If safety is among your concerns, we can instead build a pondless waterfall.

  • Water fountains. Another excellent addition to your backyard is a water fountain. The design can vary depending on your landscape theme or desired spot for the fountain. You may like a cascading fountain, or a custom-built fountain attached to your wall. A spouting fountain is also an interesting option, and we are sure that you'll also like a Japanese-inspired water fountain. We can also add fountains in the pool area.

  • Ponds. There are different types of ponds that we can recommend based on your preferences. Koi pond is the most popular among Pensacola residents, but some prefer a waterfall pond for its relaxing ambiance. We can also build a natural pond in the garden area to recreate a natural environment inside your landscaping. We have ready access to the needed materials and supplies so we can build your ponds in no time.

  • Bubbling pots and more. If you want eye-catching water features in your backyard, go for bubbling pots. They are easy to install and affordable. Our bubbling pots come in different sizes and shapes so they can fit in any area in your backyard. You can also hire All About Pavers A.R.I. to design and build rain curtains, artificial streams, birdbaths, and other custom-designed water features.

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