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Firepits Pensacola, FL Fire pits give a great touch with a paver patio outdoors. It’s also a great way to keep warm on cold nights or have a fun-filled night with family and friends. We have different stones that we can use to give your fire pit the style you want it to look.

For years, we have been creating unique fire pit designs for our clients. We make sure that each fire feature is designed based on our client's needs and preferences. This means you'll get a personalized fire pit that suits your outdoor theme or landscaping. You may also opt for a rustic style or choose a more contemporary look for your fire feature. The great thing about hiring us is that we don't stick to traditional designs such as round and squares. We also favor custom-designed ones over ready-made fire pits from home improvement centers. We only need to know your ideas or preferred style to create an awesome fire amenity in your backyard.

Long-lasting Fire Pits Guaranteed

If you want long-lasting fire pits, hire All About Pavers A.R.I. today. Our custom-designed fire amenities can last a lifetime with minimal maintenance effort. We are confident about the quality of our finished work since we use only the best materials available. We use quality stones, fire-rated bricks, and other top-notch products such as fire rings and pit cover. The construction of your fire pit is handled by our experienced installers, so you are assured that it is built according to specifications. You are also assured of a hassle-free installation. Common installation problems are avoided since we strictly follow systematic procedures and use appropriate tools and equipment for site preparation and construction phase.

All About Pavers A.R.I. will help you find the perfect spot for your fire pits. This fire element can be a fire hazard so it must be placed in a safe area in your backyard. We take note of the local regulations to ensure that your fire amenities won't become safety risks to you and your family. We discourage our clients to go for larger versions and tell them to adopt the recommended measurements and type of materials. You can still get the warmth you need at night even if you have a smaller fire amenity. Please take note that its efficiency still depends on the expertise of the designers and installers.

Choose the Perfect Fire Pit for Your Backyard

Most of our clients from Pensacola and nearby areas admit that choosing the perfect fire amenity for their backyard is not an easy task. Their first dilemma is choosing between a pre-built product and a custom-designed one. It is tempting to buy a ready-made fire pit because it is easy to install. But this option may not be for you if you want a fire element that blends well with your landscaping and outdoor space. Moreover, you can have your preferred designs and style for custom-built fire pits. We can build a portable pit so you can place it on any spot in your backyard. You may also like the fixed type because of its reliability and durability. If you are tired of the traditional round and square designs, just let us know. We will craft a customized fire pit that is not only gorgeous but also long-lasting. Call us now at 850-393-9705.
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